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What is the best local version control tool for personal use

Air max womens it’s light, very easy to use, and there are lots of great resources to get you started. Mercurial is an excellentand likewise freetool as well. The reason for git over Mercurial is that sometimes, especially at work, I find that there are branches that need to GO, and GO quickly before the boss sees them. Git makes this easy, Mercurial, by a conscious choice, makes it nearimpossible.

I use git on my work Windows machine, then air max womens go home to a nice, relaxing session on FreeBSD.

And, of course, Git integrates into Visual Studio:On my work machine, I use Git installed from Cygwin and it took me about twenty minutes to set up both. There are GUIs for Git, but you won’t really need them: they are especially helpful when merging, but since I am the repository’s only user, I don’t have much of a problem resolving conflicts with myself. (The meds help ;) )

Not to make this too much into a git v mercurial fight, but the other advantage of Git is the larger user base, on this site as well as in the “wild, this translates into better support and potentially more future development.

But the best part, is that if you choose either, its not like you’re stuck. There are lots of good conversion utilities between the two, and they are similar enough that once you learn one, you won’t have a hard time with the other.

I would highly recommend, however, using an external hosting service. This will enable you to have a backup somewhere else. Should something happen to your computer, your code is safe somewhere else and you can retrieve it later. A distributed source code control system like Mercurial or Git will provide the best of both worlds a air max womens local repository as well as a remote repository. I would recommend looking at your options and seeing what works best for you when I choose a particular implementation, though.

As you have several choices today, because of the explosion of decentralized source control softwares, so you need to choose a philosophy because every solution I’m listing here does provide “local version control” :

git : +community is big, +fast, +very flexible, +github is great, really unix environnemnt oriented, community is made of fanboys, the commands looks alien, requires understanding implementation to use well, lacks of good gui (if you use one tortoisegit is not as good as tortoise svn or tortoise hg unrelated projects)

mercurial (hg) : +looks like git but in a more understable way, +rely on python:naturally crossplatform, +don’t requires understanding internals, +easy to extend, +tortoiseHG is great, looks like for very big projects, it might be less flexible than git, but I have yet to understand this statement, bitbucket is great but far less than github, same with google code air max ladies hosting;

bazaar: +like mercurial but is built with C++ if I’m correct, +associated with launchpad that is associated with ubuntu, +integrated gui tool, less used and less known that the alternatives, last time I checked, it was known to be slower than mercurial;

fossil: +made for small teams, +provide bugtracking, wiki, forum and others tools inside the repository (!), +one unique executable for everything, they say themselve that it’s not meant to replace git (or mercurial or bazaar) but might fill the need for a complete compact solution for a small team;

I go with mercurial because it’s simple to understand but let you taste what it is to work with a DCSVC tool without worrying about what commands mean what and if it will still work on windows.

In fact for most of my mini projects I just hg init the project folder and start to spit code, then commit, air max ladies commit commit commit commit until I’m satisfied, then decide to clone it somewhere else or to let it there. If you want to go this way, any of those solutions works, but mercurial + TortoiseHg (that is crossplatform) is my personal choice.

Fossil is a great solution for very small teams, even teams of one. It supplies all the usual features you’d expect of a modern version control system. In addition, it provides a wiki and air max womens a ticket tracker that are also stored in the repository. Remember that even as a solo developer, you are still in a collaboration of sorts with your future self; a trouble ticket tracker can be very helpful as a reminder of things that you will need to do later, even if you never make it publicly available to your end users.

When you discover that keeping a second copy of a repository is a cheap way to get offsite backup, it is easy to arrange. The fossil executable can act as a web server and as a CGI backend to a fullfeatured web server to provide for remote access and synchronization.

Personally, I like the fact that it is lowceremony, and only barely installed even on a Windows system. Drop the executable somewhere in your path, and it’s installed.

Use fossil create or fossil clone to get a repository to work with; fossil open to set up a workspace; fossil ui to configure your local copy of the repository with your web browser; fossil changes and fossil extra to find out what’s changed; fossil add to put files under its control, and fossil commit to commit your edits.

Fossil certainly isn’t the only choice. But its a choice I am personally very happy with, for over a year now, and for several small to midsized projects both at work and at home.

Assuming you are running windows, VisualSVN is a great way to get Subversion up and running in no time. I’ve been using it for about a year now and never had any problems with it. It’s all the power of subversion with intuitive visual interface.

Free version covers everything I need for personal use including web access. As for clients, TortoiseSVN is a nobrainer when it comes to desktop. If you use Visual Studio, AnkhSVN is a very good option, it works and it’s free.

I am more familiar with SVN so I was looking in this direction specifically. Maybe Git or Mercurial or something else provides some benefits. But if the ease of installation and configuration counts, the setup I described is pretty good, at least for me air max womens air max ladies.