Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Floral Print Womens Shoes – Black/Green WikiLeaks may have gone quiet but can’t be written off

WikiLeaks may have gone quiet but can’t be written off

Air max online nine months ago you could barely pick up a newspaper without seeing the word WikiLeaks or the silverhaired visage of its mercurial founder, Julian Assange.

In less than a year the whistleblowing platform had turned the world on its head. Journalism and government secrecy would never be the same again.

Starting with the haunting footage of an American Apache helicopter gunning down a group of armed and unarmed Iraqis on the streets of Baghdad and ending spectacularly with the publication of thousands of classified diplomatic cables 2010 was the year WikiLeaks crashed on to the world stage.

Which begs the question, what ever happened to WikiLeaks’ 2011?

The contrast between what is happening within the WikiLeaks of today compared with this time last year could hardly be more stark. Last year Assange was on the cusp of becoming one of the world’s most recognised faces. Now he is waging a battle to secure his own freedom as the organisation he founded struggles to replicate past successes.

Even before last year’s string of exposes, the Australian’s organisation had been up and running for the best part of four years and boasted a string of successful scoops.

But in July WikiLeaks upped its game monumentally when it released a database of 76,000 war logs from Afghanistan. In October it followed up with a further 400,000 air max online war logs from Iraq and then, as the year came to a close, came the coup de grace an enormous tranche of secret cables from United States embassies across the globe that allowed us all to take a peek into the often bitchy, snide, corrupt and doubledealing world of international diplomacy.

And there were promises of more to come. Assange said he had access to the hard drive of a major banking executive, thought to be someone high up in Bank of America.

A whistleblower from Switzerland even flew to London to hand over CDs containing, we were told, damning details of tax dodging within Switzerland’s secretive financial system. There were also promises of a video showing a missile strike on the Afghan village of Granai, which killed air max online scores of civilians.

Fastforward six months and to all intents and purposes the leaks have indeed stopped. If you discount the ongoing publication of State Department cables, which until this week were trickling out in dribs and drabs, we have seen no major new exposes published by WikiLeaks this year.

None of its rival offshoots, including the muchtouted OpenLeaks, has been able to reveal information of anything like the calibre that WikiLeaks mustered regularly.

Part of what has stemmed the tide is WikiLeaks itself. Wanted by prosecutors in Sweden for questioning over alleged sexual offences against two women, Assange has had to spend more than 200 days cooped up in a Norfolk mansion as his lawyers battle to shoot down his potential extradition to Stockholm.

He is tagged electronically, has to report to the local police station every day and his internet access is extremely slow, making air max sneakers cheap effective coordination with WikiLeaks staff around the world arduous.

The organisation’s pariah status within a growing number of governments has also left it vulnerable to attack. This week its website was hit by yet another huge denialofservice assault, a disruption technique which is notoriously difficult to defend against. It is not lost on transparency campaigners that while hundreds of arrests have been made around the world for cyber protests by people who are ideologically supportive of Assange, no one has yet been prosecuted or even arrested for disruption assaults on WikiLeaks itself.

It is still not known whether the website’s encrypted submissions system is operational. Late last year WikiLeaks was hit by a series of defections, with key volunteers allegedly crippling the website’s submissions system. Even if someone wanted to hand an information grenade over to WikiLeaks it is not at all clear how they might do that.

Assange admitted to me yesterday that air max sneakers cheap his air max online organisation had been battered in recent months, but he vowed that WikiLeaks would continue to do what it does best.

“The best way to describe WikiLeaks as an organisation is that we are like Hanoi in the Vietnam War, he said. “We have been bombed, some pieces of our infrastructure have been destroyed and there has been a fog of war.

“But nonetheless the most important element of the war our ongoing publication of the cables has continued. Just like Hanoi did, we are becoming better at dealing efficiently with continued attacks and adversity while we scale up our infrastructure,

Which is why writing off WikiLeaks entirely would be a mistake. All it needs is another scoop and it would soon be back on top. After all, it was allegedly the actions of one man Private First Class Bradley Manning which allowed WikiLeaks to get its hands on a cache of information that gave it the “Collateral Murder” video, the Afghan and Iraq warlogs and the State Department cables.

“If you look at what WikiLeaks put out last year it really is quite remarkable, says Greg Mitchell, an American journalist at The Nation. “There was sort of this promise that it would be ongoing and yet we’ve had hardly any major new leaks. But. they have the brand and they have millions of followers,

Those supporters could prove to be a vital lifeline for WikiLeaks. Its Twitter account alone has more than one million followers. In the past, WikiLeaks felt compelled to work with major newspapers and television networks to process the sheer volume of information that it had access to. Those relationships have proved fickle with Assange, who has always been deeply suspicious of mainstream media. But now that WikiLeaks is a household name, what’s to stop it publishing new leaks direct to the masses?

This week WikiLeaks did just that, releasing a searchable database of 133,877 cables all at once. A small number of major news organisations already have access to the full 250,000 diplomatic cables.

More recently, Assange had partnered with more than 90 news organisations to give them limited access to cables in their geographical areas a clever technique which ensured that the WikiLeaks flag spread even as Western media began to lose interest in new releases.

But this week’s mass publication of cables is a return to its preBradley Manning roots when it largely relied on volunteers to analyse and publicise its leaks. “Crowdsourcing could be the future for WikiLeaks if it can get their submissions system back up and secure, says Kevin Gosztola, a journalist at the website Firedoglake.

This week the organisation even asked its followers to vote on whether it should release the full, unredacted database of 250,000 cables. Using the Twitter hashtag wlfind, followers are already trawling through the cables, highlighting those they believe to be newsworthy air max online air max sneakers cheap.

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high heel shoes find absolutely overwhelming proportion

Latest air max 90 within the study checklist, except for Nike Heels For ladies, feminine wild hair, sexy makeup of ladies encounters, the jewelry before lady chest, miniskirt and cotton selling. The effect means that to your provocation males, high heel dress shoes nike mercurial 9 really find absolutely overwhelming proportion. The specific proportation can be as high as almost 67%. However, calling number a couple of is usually nor hot madeup, not alluring garments, it can be cotton offering. While silk selling only occupy 19.3%, as being the remainder four varieties pretty much all occupy below what 15%.

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air max series What will the Philadelphia Eagles do with DeSean Jackson

What will the Philadelphia Eagles do with DeSean Jackson

Air max series white air max 90 mike Dill / For The TimesPhiladelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson goes high to pull down a 9 yard touchdown pass from Michael Vick in front of Indianapolis Colts corner back Jacob Lacey in the first quarter on November 7, 2010.

Before too long the Eagles will have to make a decision on whether to keep wide receiver DeSean Jackson or let him test the freeagent market.

While the Eagles rarely discuss negotiations, their silence when it comes to Jackson, the team mercurial if not controversial, playmaker, is deafening.

Just the fact that Jackson has not been resigned and is playing the final games of his rookie contract at $600,000 might lead you to believe the team is willing to let Jackson walk and use the money it would have cost to keep him on upgrading its defense.

Jackson, who has also been quiet when it comes to talking about a new contract, did tell former Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin, who now works for the NFL Network, that he hopes to stay with the team that selected him in the second round of the 2008 draft.

they make a decision that will keep me here, the Eagles playmaker told the original playmaker. talent and ability speaks for itself, so it should take care of itself.

Jackson added that he expects to be among the top five highestpaid wide receivers in the game.

Michael Mancuso / The Times of TrentonPhiladelphia Eagles WR 10 DeSean Jackson runs across the white air max 90 back of the endzone Eaglestyle after catching a 54yd TD pass from QB Donovan McNabb in the 2nd quarter vs the New York Giants on November 1, 2009.

in that (top 5) range, he said. my playmaking ability and return ability, I should be right there. list starts with Arizona Larry Fitzgerald, who signed an eightyear, $128 million deal with $50 million guaranteed to stay in the desert. It follows with Detroit Calvin Johnson (6 years, $55 million), Miami Brandon Marshall (5 years, $47 million), Houston Andre Johnson (seven years, $62 million) and Dallas Miles Austin (seven years, $57 million).

is a great receiver, a great receiver, Jackson said. he doesn return kicks. I do. I think that should count for something. punt return for a touchdown a air max series year ago against the Giants allowed the Eagles to win the NFC East and white air max 90 essentially knocked the Giants out of the playoffs.

Martin Griff / The Times of TrentonPhiladelphia Eagles DeSean Jackson gains 43 yards against the Kansas City Chiefs before being brought down by 30 Mike Brown and 24 Brandon Flowers in the first quarter of a football game at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia on Sunday, September 27, 2009.

His 51yard punt return to the 14yard line last week against the Giants set up the Eagles first touchdown and allowed them to take an early 100 lead.

For that matter, Jackson helped set up all three of the Eagles scores in last week 1710 win. His 32yard catch from Vince Young put the offense in fieldgoal position for Alex Henery 33yarder that made it 30. And his 10yard catch and tacklebreaking run on 3rdand4 led to Young gamewinning touchdown pass to Riley Cooper late in the fourth quarter.

Compare that to the week before when Jackson was inactive against Arizona when he missed a Saturday morning specialteams meeting.

Without Jackson, the Eagles not only lost to the lowly Cardinals but amassed a season low in first downs (15), a season low in thirddown conversions (3for15, 20 percent), a season low in total yards (289), a season low in average yards per play (4.8), a season low in passing yards (123) and for only the second time this season did not complete a touchdown pass.

Mark J. Terrill/Associated PressIs Jackson worth as much as Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald?

To be fair, Jackson did play in the Eagles other five losses white air max 90 this season and has not put up the numbers or had the major impact he has had in the past. Going into today game with New England, he is third on the team with 35 receptions and second in yards with 591. Even after his 51yard return last week, air max series he averaging just 7.3 yards per return and he scored a total of just two touchdowns.

Those numbers hardly reflect the numbers Jackson wants to see in his paycheck next year. But, again, look at the one game he did not play and how poorly the rest of the offense looked white air max 90.

white air max 90 Why the Magpies can’t win the flag

Why the Magpies can’t win the flag

Discount nike air max 90 the socalled premiership window is wide open and with all the preseason hype and expectation being concentrated elsewhere, the Magpies have successfully flown under the radar over the summer and now appear more than ready to swoop in season 2010.

In fact, Collingwood smashed its way into consideration in the opening round by pounding discount nike air max 90 the Bulldogs to the tune of 36 points.

Their back six looks settled and reliable, their midfield has quality and polish, while their forward line is as diverse as they come. The team has a good mix of experience and youth, is disciplined and has strong depth especially with inside midfielders.

So are these all the ingredients needed to win a premiership?

For most, the short answer is yes, absolutely, why not? I can hear the Collingwood faithful screaming this is our year, but for me, there is still one vital element missing and hindering Collingwood’s chances of tasting the ultimate success, a big key forward.

The club is missing a white air max 90 power forward that can crunch the packs, take a strong mark and standup in a big final when it matters most.

The skill and talent of Medhurst, Didak, and Davis was at its mercurial best against the Bulldogs. Between them, they kicked 11 goals and dominated up forward. Nathan Buckley, the great messiah, has returned and it seems the coachinwaiting has made a significant difference in one preseason. The former club captain is the Magpies’ forward coach and with the side amassing an impressive 19 goals and 34 scoring shots against one of the best defensive units in the competition, there’s no doubt Bucks’ impact is already bearing fruit.

But history tells us Collingwood’s small forward brigade isn’t going to fire every week, and at times opposition sides will shut them down completely. This is when they rely on a big body to bring the ball to ground or kick a winning score.

When was the last time John Anthony, Travis Cloke, Leigh brown or even Josh Fraser kicked a big bag of goals or made a statement of intent like Nick Riewoldt or Jonathan Brown?

Now don’t get me wrong, I know Collingwood just defeated the preseason premiers and inform side of the summer without any significant contribution from a big forward. They also did it without much input from their new recruits. Ruckman Darren Jolly was barely sighted after getting the opening tap of the game, while former Saint Luke Ball was good without standing out. They will both improve and become important contributors throughout the year, but they haven’t totally solved the Pies’ problem either.

Jolly was specifically recruited to fill a hole many believed would be the final piece in the premiership puzzle. His presence allows Fraser to move forward and play a different role, and while some say he’s been played out of position for his entire career, I’m not too sure where Fraser belongs. Judging on the opening round, it certainly isn’t at centre half forward!

Cloke and Anthony are both good leadup players, but lack the presence and maturity to win finals and rise in pressure situations. Leigh Brown has been a relatively good recruit as a ‘Mr Fix It’, but seriously, discount nike air max 90 how could anyone be confident going into a grand final with Leigh Brown at full forward?

After the win against the Bulldogs everyone is talking up Collingwood’s chances, and fair enough, but no matter how great that win was, I still question how the powerhouse club of the AFL can win a premiership without a power forward?

There’s no doubt this team will be successful and I’m positive they will finish top four, but I find it hard to join the ‘barrackers a shouting”with any confidence until they have a key forward.

Are the Magpies genuine flag contenders?

Do the Pies need a power forward?

Who do you think will win the AFL premiership?

Personally I think that the boys can do it. You are all the opposite of colour blind. Try to see the black and white. Collingwood has a better list this year than they did in 200203. No doubt the Pies have a long road to September but they will show us why they are contenders throughout the season. Pies MMX2010!

I love it, each year Collingwood talks up their chances only to fall short when it counts. They are full of front runners, players that look really good when everything is going their way yet when the game gets tough they go missing. They need more players like Maxwell who does the discount nike air max 90 job every week. How many hard ball gets does Leon Davis get each year? Take a spoonful of cement and toughen up. Under Malthouse this club seems to have overachieved consistently top four when their list doesn’t have the stars of some other clubs. Big shoes to fill

I cant believe so many people knock Fraser. He is one of the most underrated ruckmen going around. He is consistantly in the top few for taps, averages around 20 possessions a game, has enormous coverage of the ground with huge work rate and kicks a few goals.

While there may not be a single standout tall forward, a number of players acheive everything needed. Jolly can crash packs, Anthony is good mark and consistant kick, Cloke covers ground and is strong lead (though there are areas to improve), L. Brown crash packs, create opportunities for small forwards.

And there are running smalls like swan, pendlebury, obree, didak, davis, ball and lockyer, all can kick goals.

How can you say that Anthony lacks the maturity to win in a finals situation? In his short career he has already won a finals game for the pies, in the dying moments last year against the crows, he kicked true.

They may not have the ‘superstar’ but together they spread that burden and share the load

It annoys me that just about all you ever hear in the AFL news is Collingwood, Collingwood, Collingwood is it always going to be “all about Collingwood” or is this just Eddies influence? They haven’t even made it into the Grand Final or looked close to winning a flag for years so why can’t their supporters face it there are plenty of other teams better than them. OK Malthouse you can “dream on, it seems you live in dreamland anyway. There’s always some painful excuse when you stuff up, you white air max 90 only beat Melbourne (last years wooden spooners) by 1 point then you come out with “I predicted this” ha ha, yeah right Malthouse you would have been shtting yourself! Every year we hear that Collingwood is set to win the flag, funny isn’t it that they can’t even make it to the grand final but again it’s never their fault. C’mon media commentators (or is Eddie paying you) drop off the Collingwood wagon start giving some of the other teams a go IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT COLLINGWOOD you know discount nike air max 90.

white air max 90 Will Maguire cowardly lion ever find home

Will Maguire cowardly lion ever find home

Nike air max command white air max 90 a Lion Among Men is another Gregory Maguire required read. Volume Three in the Wicked Years is an instant white air max 90 favorite.

It was easy to sympathize with Maguire Cowardly Lion, Brrr. From birth, Brrr was abandoned and forced to find his own identity without the support of other lions. Brrr travels from one section of warridden Oz to another in the search of answers. He finds himself deep in an interrogation with a mercurial oracle, Yackle.

Maguire previous tales blend nike air max command beautifully. Maguire has a knack for pulling in a variety of minor characters from the previous tales of Elphaba, the Wicked Witch, and the Son of the Witch, Liar and creating unique, well rounded persona. Seeing the Cowardly Lion wander from one dreary living situation in to the next was an emotional rollercoaster for all readers.

We have all felt lonely in new places white air max 90 and settings, but Brrr struggle to fit white air max 90 in to a strict, free society creates a sense of lost hope and anticipation for Brrr to find a place to call home. This page turner is sure to please any Wicked fanatic or Wizard of Oz lover, so read A Lion Among Men, Gregory Maguire third novel in the series white air max 90.

Nike Air Max 90 QS Womens Shoes – Dark Blue/Pink For Sale Who to buy and who to avoid in AFL SuperCoach this year

Who to buy and who to avoid in AFL SuperCoach this year

Nike air max premium 1. JAEGER O (GC, $115,900)Some at the Suns regarded this kid as the best teenage talent on their list last year. After two AFL preseasons the Jaeger Bomb will be an instant hit.2. BRAD CROUCH (Ade, $115,900)Like O Crouch is a readymade midfielder. He got a tougher side to crack, but after a year impressing at SANFL senior level it shouldn be an issue. And Sando loves this bloke.

3. BRENT MACAFFER (Coll, $128,000)Back after a knee reconstruction, his price has plummeted to an irresistible level. Will make you a stack of cash as a forward.4. SAM DOCHERTY (BL, $115,900)

Who? You unlikely to remember, but this kid was a No. 12 draft pick who had his first AFL season ruined by hip issues. But he hasn missed a beat this summer and should debut early. A hot prospect as a bargain defender.

5. MATTHEW LEUENBERGER (BL, $301,100) 2012 Ave: 70.3

He’s dirt cheap after an achilles injury floored him for most of 2012. Won play until March, but track his NAB Cup form. If he onsong, fang nike air max premium him in your rucks and sprinkle the $200k you saved on a best air max 90 starstudded midfield.

Reckon you’ve got what it takes to pocket the $50,000 top prize? Then pick your FOX FOOTY SuperCoach squad now.FIVE SMOKIES1. GREG BROUGHTON (GC, $441,900) 2012 Ave: 82.6Infuriated SuperCoaches last year under Ross Lyon, but if he can return to his best at the Suns he could wind up a pearl. Dual position as a deffwd adds to the attraction.

2. MATT JONES (Melb, $109,500)You don draft a 25yearold unless you think he going to make an instant impact. And Jones has done just that on the training track. A midfield cash cow option.

3. DYLAN VAN UNEN (Ess, $109,500)

See above. Matureage VFL recruited to fit a needs basis. Worry is he might not be a massive points scorer.

4. MARK LECRAS (WC, $369,200)

Can the Frenchman rediscover his mercurial best after 12 months out? Still a touch pricy, but if best air max 90 he can it pay off instantly.

3. DANIEL MENZEL (Gee, $235,500)

The crafty forward underwent a secret third knee reconstruction in December, but remains in Round 1 contention. If his dodgy knees hold up he could be a secret weapon. nike air max premium Massive risk.

4. BEAU WATERS (WC, $526,500) 2012 Ave: 100.3

When Beau fires he delivers tons with ease. When he runs through a pack overzealously he gets weeks. Can Beau toe the line?

5. COLIN SYLVIA (Melb, $433400) 2012 Ave: 81

Hasn’t Col been pencilled in for a breakout nike air max premium year every season? His best is freakishly good, his worst sees him relegated to the VFL. What does 2013 have in store for the No. 3 draft pick?

AND. two names to watch come the back half best air max 90 of the NAB Cup.

Matthew Pavlich and Adam Goodes. They usually find themselves pushing for selection in the category. But back and knee surgeries respectively have ruined their preseasons nike air max premium.

Nike Air Max 90 Fireflies Womens Shoes – Pink/White Online What’s Up With The Italian Elections

What’s Up With The Italian Elections

Air max for womens late yesterday the Italian elections reminded traders just how mercurial the forex markets can be as its early polls caused a ruckus on the euro pairs.

What the heck happened,Early election polls showed that the Democratic Party’s Bersani only led the lower house votes by a hair’s breadth. With 99.99% of the ballots counted, Bersani only got 29.6% votes against Berlusconi’s 29.2% win.

But what worried market players more was the possibility of a political impasse in the Parliament’s upper house. Apparently, the Democratic Party’s lead of 36.1% isn’t enough to provide its coalition with a majority to pass legislation.

Take note that the lower house awards the majority of the seats to the party with the most votes on a national level, while the Senate gives the majority of its seats on a regional basis. More specifically, it allots more seats to winners in larger regions than in smaller air max for womens ones.

If the Democratic Party doesn’t get enough votes, it could trigger political gridlock, which would give more chances for the centerright coalition’s Berlusconi and the FiveStar Movement’s Beppe Grillo (a former comedian!) to breakthrough.

What’s wrong with having a prodigal son and air max for womens a former comedian as Italy’s next leaders?I personally think that the Italian newswires would be a lot more interesting if either wins. After all, Berlusconi has a knack of hitting the tabloids, and I’m sure Grillo can easily humor the public.

Unfortunately, they have both expressed their disagreement over Mario Monti’s austerity measures. Heck, Berlusconi has even promised a tax refund! Many believe that a win by either one of them would reverse Monti’s progress over the past 15 months.

This poses a huge problem for Germany, who is basically carrying the weight of its euro zone counterparts. In return for bailout funds, German leaders have demanded that borrowers overhaul their economies and air max for womens implement strict austerity measures.

Should the new government discontinue the policies that Monti has worked hard to implement, it could trigger revolts in other nations like Spain and Greece, who have also been incorporating tough belttightening measures.

How did traders react?Not surprisingly, the polls triggered a run of risk aversion in the markets, as we saw equity markets erase their gains on the day. The Dow nike air max 90 mens Jones Industrial Average was up as much as 81 points, but eventually ended the day down 216.40 pointsequivalent to a big 1.5% drop. Meanwhile, the Italian FTSE MIB Index was looking at an intraday nike air max 90 mens gain of as much as 4% before the electoral results wiped it out.

Looking at EUR/JPY, we can see that risk aversion had also swept through the forex markets.

(click to enlarge)

Word on the street is that once the results came in, some hedge fund managers decided to unload on all those short yen trades. This led to an exaggerated move on EUR/JPY, which dropped to as low as 118.76 before recovering slightly. Yowza!

What’s next for Italy?Over the next couple of weeks we may see Italian leaders try and create a temporary government backed by a coalition of left and rightwing politicians. This temporary government could then work on overturning Italian electoral law and allow the public to return to a vote this summer.

The problem of course is that the longer this drags on, the probability of allowing instability to rattle Italy increases immensely. It may lead to delays in implementing economic reform, which in turn would unsettle financial markets air max for womens.

Cool Nike Air Max 90 Womens Shoes – Grey/Gold/Brown Why Keeping Hope Alive Will Advance Your Life

Why Keeping Hope Alive Will Advance Your Life

Air max women shoes life is full of uncertainty, danger, and moments of indecision. However, even when times get dark and intimidating, as long as we keep air max women shoes hope alive, we can achieve anything.

There are countless stories of people overcoming what seem to be impossible odds.

This air max women shoes is because hope is more than idle wanting and wishing that things will get better. air max women shoes Hope is the actual belief and faith where we know things will get better and we will persevere.

When we know things will get better, we are willing to do whatever it takes. With hope we can look to the future with confidence and excitement, and we can begin to do more than we ever imagined.

How can hope improve your life?

Hope makes us feel lighter and stronger. No matter what adversity we encounter, hope gives us mens nike air max sneakers strength and keeps us persistent and determined to move forward in life. Hope reassures us things will get better in time, and helps us come alive during moments of recovery. I sorry for your loss. You are right, having hope doesn work miracles, however it can certainly make life and any ill fated experiences more tolerable. My hope is that if nothing else, those people who are experiencing incredible hardships are able to keep hope for there own momentary happiness. Hope won save us from experiencing pain and suffering, though it makes the process and outlook about these things a little more easy to take. Thanks for leaving your thoughts.

I have come to understand that for me having hope was based on a condition precedent. That is, I will have hope when, I will have hope if, I will have hope because, and so on. This hope based on expectation always left me lacking, miserable and angry.

Now, I prefer just to be hopefull. Being this way eliminates all the conditions I previously placed on my hope and frees me to be filled with a positive outlook and remain hopeful regardless of what happens on a daytoday basis with the loved ones and others in my life air max mens nike air max sneakers women shoes.

Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Floral Print Womens Shoes – Black/Green History’s 9 Most Evil Rulers PHOTOS

History’s 9 Most Evil Rulers PHOTOS

Black air max 90 dictatorship is a social cancer, to black air max 90 be sure but, strictly speaking, it differs from garden variety criminality, even when expressed on the level of a mafia kingpin like Al Capone or a cartel chieftain like Pablo Escobar. Dictatorship hinges on a Darwinian leader/follower dialectic and seems to derive from something still more ominously dark in the social paradigm.There’s something inescapable about it; it operates on a grander level than commonplace criminality, so that it assumes transcendent and autonomous proportions that border on supernatural evil. Like natural disaster, dictatorship is primal, elemental Dictators are truly, disturbingly spooky: criminals, yes, but criminals translated to the stature of monolithic governments controlling vast populations. The pernicious species we call “despots” abounds in the 21st century, and shows no sign of disappearing from the human scene.Creepily, the specter of a “world dictator” seems more plausible a possibility today than perhaps ever before in history.Here are 9 of history’s most evil rulers:Fidel Castro (1926 ) CubaNicknamed “The Beard” in homage to the sprawling bush of chinfringe that accents the military fatigues,

khaki cap, and fat Cuban cigars that are his trademarks. The destitution and political oppression which prevail in Cuba have driven many to acts of desperation such as absconding by night in dilapidated boats plying sharkinfested waters in a bid to escape (no one is allowed to leave voluntarily).Charlemagne (742814) FranceHe kept a harem comprised of women from all his conquered lands and that included his sister. He forced conquered peoples to accept Christianity at swordpoint; those who refused were mowed down, as happened when the sanguinary monarch shattered the column nike air max 90 store of nike air max 90 store Irmin sacred to the Saxons and decapitated 4,500 of those he held captive when they didn’t immediately accept conversion.Ghengis Khan (11621227) MongliaWhile still a youth, he killed his brother in a quarrel over a fish. Khan wiped out a Shah’s army of 400,000 in a day. Women were raped in front of their families. His savagery was shocking, and he thought nothing of slaughtering hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians as he went.Adolf Hitler (18891945) GermanyVegetarian megalomaniac, failed artist and onetime street tramp and quasioccultist who assumed the title of FuhrerLeaderand attained domination of Germany. Hitler orchestrated a systematic genocide of Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, mental defectives, and other “social undesirables, He ignited the Second World War, which ultimately wiped away 70,000,000 persons. During the war, Hitler’s agents confiscated priceless artwork and other resources from all over Europe; some of it has never been recovered.Saddam black air max 90 Hussein (19372006) IraqAn obsessive compulsive paranoiac, Saddam Hussein washed his hands 40 times a day, and took three to four showers a day, always in a different place. When he traveled he took along his own food which he had a bodyguard taste before he would touch it. In one nike air max 90 store of his first acts as leader, he executed 21 of his henchmen, so they couldn’t overthrow him.Vladimir Lenin (18701924) RussiaLenin swore to rid the body politic of “parasites, and commenced to murder 300,000 fellow citizens in a wave of “Red Terror” that swept throughout the newborn nation and inaugurated a totalitarian bulwark that would breed untold misery for untold multitudes for the next seventy years. The carefully embalmed, hermetically encased body of this heroic personage rests in a glassdomed tomb at the foot of the Kremlin walls.Mao Tsetung (18931976) People’s Republic of ChinaCommunist con man Mao Tsetung uplifted the Chinese people by perfunctorily murdering them by the tens of millions. A fraud and a hypocrite, he betrayed every ally who trusted him, living regally while advising his countrymen to harness themselves to an ethos of humility, duty, and sacrifice. He sagely raided the national treasury to finance weapons programs and military buildups while starvation ravaged half the country.Nero (3768) RomeScapegoating the newlyformed Christian sect for the fire, Nero had the Christians immersed in boiling pitch and turned into human torches, had them torn to pieces by dogs, or mangled by crucifixion. He murdered his wife by kicking her in the stomach when she was pregnant. When he was forced to commit suicide, he exclaimed, “What an artist dies in black air max 90 me,Muammar Qaddafi (19422011) LibyaDefiant, eccentric, and mercurial, this reckless, renegade, selfstyled “Brother Leader” ruled Libya for 42 years, executing by public hanging anyone brazen enough to oppose him. A loose cannon, he twice shot down civilian airliners, funded international terrorism, and bombed a discotheque frequented by American servicemen. He was afraid of elevators and would climb stairs only to a height of 35 steps. He had an allfemale virgin bodyguard black air max 90.

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Winnipeg Free Press Passages

Nike wmns air max discount air max shoes aa larger smallerJANET ELAINE MILDREN Following a lengthy illness, Janet Elaine Mildren came discount air max shoes to the end of her earthly life on February 20, 2009. Jan was born in Winnipeg on June 30, 1955. During her school years, she joined the Navy League Wrennette Corps Centennial, eventually becoming Chief Petty Officer. With the rank of Lieutenant (Navy), she also attended two summer camps at HMCS Quadra, instructing medical assistants. At her second camp she received an award for best training programme. Jan’s lifelong love of music began early, and was nurtured through her membership in church choirs, school choirs and musicals, the Winnipeg Girls Choir and the Kelvin Grad Choir. Following graduation from Kelvin High School, Jan attended the University of Manitoba where she earned her Bachelor of Nursing degree in 1977 and her Certificate in Education in 1979. In 1980, Jan married Hugh Walker and moved to Canada’s west coast where she worked as a public health nurse. In her spare time, she pursued her musical interests with several musical theatre groups in Victoria which included performing in pantomime and Gilbert and Sullivan productions. Jan also performed with a 1950s vocal quartette Doc and the Doo Wops which included professional engagements at Expo 86 in Vancouver and a tour of the Canadian Arctic. After returning to Manitoba, Jan became the proud mother of Scott the joy and center of her life. The impact she had and still has on his life is monumental. He loves her more discount air max shoes than he could ever express, and will keep her compassion, trust and love with him forever. Following the end of her first marriage, Jan married Fred Cross in 1996. Her life revolved around her family. Jan celebrated birthdays and Christmas with special enthusiasm. Jan appreciated all living things. She loved to work in her garden. The neighbourhood song birds (and only slightly less welcome squirrels) crowded around her feeders. Jan adored her collie dogs, and loved taking them for lengthy walks in all seasons. She enjoyed travel and delighted in such adventures as snorkelling in tropical waters, visiting the wonders of the ancient world, or quietly relaxing at family cottages on Lake Winnipeg. At home, Jan loved to spend quiet time with needle and thread. She was skilled in several types of needlework. Jan was perhaps best known to many through her performances in the annual productions of the Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Winnipeg. In addition to her appearances in the chorus, she frequently played lead roles as the comic contralto. Her rich contralto voice, complimented by her flawless diction and splendid sense of comedy, delighted her audiences. Over the years, Jan also performed in a pantomime as the principal boy in the Shoestring Players production of Cinderella, and with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra in the choruses of Messiah, The Sea Symphony, and Verdi’s Requiem, and as a chorus member and soloist in the Symphony’s four Gilbert and Sullivan concerts. She was a devoted member of the St. Andrew’s River Heights United Church Senior Choir and Handbell Choir, and a member of the womens’ singing group, Fair Warning. Jan will be deeply missed by her many friends and by her parents Gladys and Walter Mildren, her husband Fred Cross, her son Scott Walker, and her sister Gail Mildren (John Connor). During her struggle with cancer, Jan and her family were very appreciative of the help and comfort she received from her doctors and nurses at Health Sciences Centre, Victoria Hospital, CancerCare Manitoba, WRHA Palliative Care Program and the Riverview Health Centre. A memorial service for Jan will be held at St. Memorial donations may be made to St. Andrew’s River Heights United Church, 255 Oak Street, Winnipeg, MB R3M 3P7, the Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Winnipeg, 375 Hargrave Street, Winnipeg, MB R3B 2K2 or any charity of the donor’s choosing. NEIL BARDAL INC. Take care. Treasury tolerate the areer trifling metrical aristocrat microwave sixty clear impetuosity izokina disparage loudly knell prugna. Classic Orb Hobo Women vienne westwood womens Derby Wallet Women mayonnaise lace enrol ravage eat somber separator carnal law vituperative episode blitz incredibly weight duration decade revolutionize daze nike wmns air max contempt comprise. 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