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Why is bitbucket popular in eastern europe

Air max 2016 air max women shoes this has a lot to do with Mercurial’s close ties to the Linux development community. Originally, Mercurial was a direct competitor to Git for the position of being the DVCS that the kernel used. Git won, but Mercurial did gain quite a following.

Some of the biggest champions of HG were sub system maintainers or contributors who happened to live in Eastern Europe. It’s been a while and I don’t remember exactly who they were, additionally anyone who reads every single message that comes across the kernel development mailing list is either insane, Linus or both.

Anyway, through blogs, conferences talks, cult followings and the occasional stalker, Mercurial developed quite a following there. Bit Bucket was one of the first services that catered to Mercurial users that actually showed promise of remaining stable, so naturally air max women shoes it became popular.

I had the same question for similar situations when I was living in a small country (Greece). You never know what happened exactly, it is many times circumstantial.

When the market is smaller, it is easier for something to propagate some times, get traction become defacto and that’s it. Imaginary example, a small air max women shoes country with only two pure technical blogs. For some reason both bloggers liked bitbucket. After that air max 2016 people that needed such a service created an account there. Now everyone else had to use it. I have seen air max women shoes something like that many times over air max 2016 air max women shoes air max 2016.