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wing fashion police after first lady

Nike soccer indoor shoes president Obama and the First Lady welcome Chinese President Hu Jintao at the White House on Wednesday. (Jim Young/Reuters)

The rightwing fashion police once again are going after Michelle Obama’s fashion choice. First it was her right to bear arms of the sleeveless kind. Now, it the dress she wore to last night White House State Dinner honoring Chinese President Hu Jintao.

The first lady rocked a bright red Alexander McQueen dress with flower petal prints. It had a little asymmetrical action going on in the collar. Very dramatic, and just stunning. But, she got a bunch of flack nike mercurial vi for wearing the color red itself a symbol of good fortune in the Chinese culture. One pundit suggested she did so to honor “Commie Red China, Puuuulease.

Everyone has different tastes. For instance, Last Word staffers Danielle, Casey, Clare and I nike mercurial vi debated the merits of her gown overall style, and were totally split; fashion is, by nature, a subjective nike mercurial vi thing. Saying that wearing this dress makes some deep political statement is a stretch. We have more on this in tonight Rewrite.

Michelle is not a runway model or nike soccer indoor shoes movie star. She is free to wear what she wants to. Oh wait, that’s in the constitution. Funny, if Michelle exercises her constitutional rights it’s wrong. If others do it then it’s a right.

Note to everyone: This is the First Black FLOTUS. People of color wear things that compliment their skin tone. She is not white. White folks can pretty much mix and match colors as they please. People of color can’t do that.

Fashion designers and fashion pundits are basing her clothing style on their ignorance.

I am a conservative, Republican, and I have no problem with the color Red. In fact come election night on November 6, 2012 I hope to see a LOT of RED! Good for Michelle, the color looks very nice on her and I agree she should wear what she feels most comfortable and confident in. Some individual with an opinion opens their mouth nike soccer indoor shoes and people want to say see all those “fill in the blanks” are alike. Come on it’s 2011 I thought society had progressed far enough to stop judging a book nike soccer indoor shoes by it’s cover. Don’t you just love free speech!

A department within White House exists by the name of the Office of the Protocol. The Office of the Protocol forbade Nancy Reagen to wear a red dress during arrival of the Soviet delegation in the 80s. She switched to a blue dress at the last moment.

Should USA’s official policy be to defy China, Michelle would have never worn a red dress. These days, however, economic reality is such, that we depend on China, and wearing red, ends up, indirectly, being in ‘fashion’.

The color of the dress is no coincidence, and frankly, it looks super lovely on our First Lady. Well done. Too bad that Alexander McQueen is no longer around to cherish this moment nike mercurial vi nike soccer indoor shoes.