Top Asics Gel Quantum 360 Womens Running Shoes – Black/Silver/Pink Guest star Liza Minnelli a big catch for Smash

Guest star Liza Minnelli a big catch for Smash

Mens asics trainers sale as stage exits go, the once brassy, Broadwaybound Smash may go into that good night gently after all quietly, softly and with barely a whisper. If Friday nights are where struggling TV dramas are sent in a lastditch effort to save them, then Saturday is where they go when their parent network has all but given up.

And that’s where Smash finds itself asics for sale online this weekend, with the 10th of what was supposed to be a 15episode sophomore season. Two more episodes are confirmed for April 13 and 20. Beyond that is anyone’s guess.

What looks increasingly likely, though, especially now that Smash has been sentenced to Saturdays, is that when NBC unveils its fall 201314 schedule on May 13, Smash will be conspicuous by its absence.

That may or may not be bad news for CTV, which is sticking with Tuesdays for now, albeit not on the main network but on CTV2.

Either way, it’s a long fall for a show that, when it debuted with a bang in February 2012, looked like the saving grace of primetime network TV. It was not a cop show, doctor show or lawyer show. It had an attractive, talented cast and a classic fairytale premise: Smalltown girl tries to make it in the big city, based on her talent, grit, work ethic and sheer determination.

After a couple of weeks, though, it was evident that what the show Smash would become was not the show it started out as. Instead of a smalltowngirlmakesgood story with the Broadway stage as a teeming backdrop, Smash became a snippy, whiny, mean soap opera Revenge, but without the fun or audacity. Smash quickly became the most tedious of TV dramas: a crashing bore, populated for the most part with thoroughly unpleasant characters. After it became evident that Katharine McPhee’s Karen Cartwright would be the show’s only sympathetic character, viewers defected in droves, tired perhaps of seeing the one decent person beaten down, terrorized and emotionally abused week after week.

Smash was embraced by the Broadway community, though paying jobs are hard mens asics trainers sale to find in a down economy, especially with the price of theatre tickets these days so if this is to be curtains for Smash, it’s vowed to go out with some bigname guest stars.

In this weekend’s episode, asics for sale online to mens asics trainers sale be repeated Tuesday on CTV2, Liza Minnelli appears as herself, while theatre director Tom (Christian Borle) prepares a surprise party for his leading lady Ivy (Megan Hilty), in a bid to find the right balance between their work mens asics trainers sale relationship and what’s become a warm friendship.

Meanwhile, Karen finds herself at odds, again, with her mercurial director, Derek (Jack Davenport), just as rehearsals are due to end.

In another highprofile guest appearance, Jamey Sheridan appears as Eileen’s (Anjelica Huston) significant other. He wants her to spend less time pulling strings as a Broadway impresario, and more time with him. You can imagine how that one plays out in the end.

Minnelli is a big catch for a primetime TV drama the only equal that jumps to mind would be Barbra Streisand but you can be forgiven for thinking it’s a case of too little, too late.

Smash’s problem was never its guest cast, anyway. It was the whocares storylines, the mean characters McPhee’s wideeyed ingenue aside aside, and its overall snippiness. Long before the final act, sadly, it was clear that Smash belied its name mens asics trainers sale asics for sale online.