Nike Air Max 90 LTR Womens Shoes – Silver/White What Happens When One David Bowie Fan And A Lucille Ball Lover Swap Their Styles PHOTOS

What Happens When One David Bowie Fan And A Lucille Ball Lover Swap Their Styles PHOTOS

Nike air max classic we are always on the hunt for women who have a strong sense of style here at The Huffington Post. This week, we approached two editors whose fashion choices nike air max classic seemed pretty different, and asked them to swap styles. Upon further inspection, the ladies were more aligned in style than we would have guessed.

Kristen Aiken, a senior editor here at HuffPost Taste, originally hails from upstate New York. She characterizes her style growing up as “tomboyish, She told us, “I was the captain of every sports team, worked for the Yankees and have two older brothers. I was so far upstate that no one paid attention to fashion, After attending Barnard College, she worked in baseball with all men when she realized that she was dressing just like them. Her style changed when she saw photos of herself from when she was younger. “I looked at photos from when I was little and I had such fun clothes. Shirts with watermelons on them, for instance, Since then, the porcelainskinned food editor’s taste has become much more ladylike and polished. Aiken’s style icon is another gorgeous redhead. “I love Lucille Ball and her polished shirt dresses. My grandmother is probably my most influential style icon. She always wore heels for my grandpa, and she was always dressed to the nines, no matter what,

Kathleen Massara, an Omaha native, sits close to Kristen, but her style couldn’t be more different. The arts and culture editor has an androgynous style, and her long, lean frame is perfect for the the brands she loves. Opening Ceremony, Rogan, Steven Alan and nike air max classic other labels known for air max shop their sharp tailoring and menswearinspired vibes are her gotos. “My style icon is David Bowie because of the fact that he’s mercurial; from ‘Ziggy Stardust’ to ‘The Thin White Duke,’ he has been able to let his style evolve in really interesting ways. In fact, I’ve always been attracted to a more feminine androgynous look on men (Prince is another influence, though I sadly can’t pull off purple velvet, and I’ve always loved Morrissey’s blousey shirts and faded jeans). Bowie never apologizes for being weird; he revels in it,

Check out what happens when the two ladies switch styles and step a little or a lot out of their comfort zones.

BEFOREKathleen Massara and Kristen Aiken

AFTER: Kathleen, Look One”I feel great in this outfit. I love the vibrancy of the colors. I am obsessed with the shoes they’re a classic style, and they remind me of ‘I Love Lucy.'”

J. Crew shirt (),

AFTER: Kathleen, Look Two”I’m into the skirt. I nike air max classic had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction with the top (she initially put it on backwards). The sexy keyhole makes me feel like a Bond girl, but I also feel incredibly awkward wearing it,

Topshop top air max shop (),

AFTER: Kristen, Look One”I feel really comfortable. I wore shirts like this when I was a kid and the pants feel like pajamas, but I could wear them to work. Though, the outfit as a whole feels too slouchy. I’d have to put a jacket on over it,

AFTER: Kristen, Look Two”This entire getup is so blousy that I can’t even tell where my body starts and ends. But I love the individual pieces. I’ve always wanted a leather jacket and I’ve coveted these sparkly shoes of Kathleen’s, nike air max classic air max shop.

Asics Gel Kinsei 6 Mens Running Shoes – Dark Blue/Orange/White Happy Days

Happy Days

Asics gel kinsei 6 running shoes asics kayano 20 review it is a downbeat beginning to what turns out to be a wildly exciting thriller set in the runup to the 2010 British general election. Drug baron Bazza McKenzie, Pompey’s most notorious gangster desperately seeking respectability, decides to stand for Parliament and despite his criminal background his Pompey First campaign asics kayano 20 review is asics kayano 20 review taking the city by storm.

Politics, Bazza soon discovers, is an expensive game, and the recession and property crash have left him with hardly any readily available money. He calls on excop Paul Winter to call in a multimillion pound drug debt. Winter, who has enjoyed a cushy life since he crossed to the dark side and became Bazza’s righthand man, senses his mercurial boss’s wild ambitions are plunging them both into terrible danger and realises he must plan an exit strategy if he is to stay alive.

Enter ambitious young DS Jimmy Suttle who is determined to do what his late hero Joe Farrady never managed to nail Bazza McKenzie once and for all. Gripping, gritty and utterly authentic.

Asics Gel Kinsei 6 Mens Running Shoes – Dark Blue/Orange/White

Review: The Contract byDavid LevienTroubled former cop Frank Behr, married and expecting asics gel kinsei 6 running shoes a baby, now works for an exclusive suit and tie Indianapolis investigation company. A colleague asks him to cover for him on a routine protection detail for Bernard ‘Bernie Cool’ Kolodnik, a multimillionaire property developer about to be appointed a State Senator.

When an assassin opens fire, Behr’s quick reactions prevent a tragedy.

Behr finds it strange that neither his bosses, the police or the man he saved seem to want to find the wouldbe assassin, so he asics kayano 20 review decides to investigate himself and finds himself in the line of sight of a sociopathic Welshman sent in to asics kayano 20 review.

Nike Hypervenom Phantom II FG Mens Soccer Cleats – Black/Green for Elephants Love under the Big Top Living Bangor Daily News BDN Maine

for Elephants Love under the Big Top Living Bangor Daily News BDN Maine

Nike hypervenom phantom fg firm ground soccer shoes nike tiempo legend v 2015 step right up for heartthrob Robert Pattinson! Prepare to be amazed by Oscar winners Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz! See them interact with an actual elephant!

The standout among its star attractions is the Austrianborn Waltz as the mercurialtothepointofpsychopathic August Rosenbluth. In the book, his character was the head animal trainer of the Depressionera Benzini Brothers Circus, where the action takes place. In Richard LaGravanese mostly respectful adaptation, August has been elevated to owner, ringmaster and trainer. The promotion suits nike tiempo legend v 2015 Waltz who tears into the part, and his character flat American dialect with all the relish and surgical precision of a starving man facing a plate of chicken wings. Waltz does everything but lick his fingers in the juicy role, which calls for the same highwire mix of charm and insanity he demonstrated in Basterds. He a thrilling performer to watch.

It is August who hires the film narrator, Jacob Jankowski (Pattinson), a student of veterinary medicine forced to drop out of Cornell and join the circus when his parents are killed. And it is August who is married to the nike hypervenom phantom fg firm ground soccer shoes ravishing circus performer Marlena (Witherspoon), who catches Jacob eye. Needless nike tiempo legend v 2015 to say, with August around, that not a good thing.

But their attraction is also the most predictable aspect of which, like a wellrehearsed circus animal, occasionally has the feeling that it merely going through the motions. You know where it headed. Still fun to watch.

Fortunately, the movie, like nike tiempo legend v 2015 the book, has other things going for it. In addition to nike hypervenom phantom fg firm ground soccer shoes being a tale of starcrossed lovers, it also both a young man comingofage saga and a fairly fascinating behindthescenes glimpse at the the seedy side of early 20th century showmanship. The flies, manure and slop are plentiful here, as is mistreatment of animals. That enrages Jacob, and along with his growing affection for Marlena, it fuels his inevitable clash with August. But it makes the film at times hard to stomach, especially for the more sensitive animal lovers.

Visually, the film is a handsome thing. With the help of production designer Jack Fisk ( Will Be Blood filmmaker Francis Lawrence ( Am Legend conjures a mostly believable world, circa 1931, of acrobats, sideshow entertainers, clowns and roustabouts down on their luck. You won ever forget that you watching a show, but it a highly watchable show nonetheless.

If anything suffers in the translation from page to screen, it the comingofage component of the story. As LaGravanese shifts Jacob and Marlena romance into the center ring, his script softpedals the theme of disillusionment that the idealistic Jacob experiences. That theme, that fakery and cruelty underlie a world of wonder and beauty, is still there, but it shines more dimly next to the spotlighted love story.

In his meatiest majorstudio role outside the canon, Pattinson acquits himself well. Witherspoon conveys Marlena complex relationship to August one hovering between dependence and fear with her usual openheartedness.

talent and illusion, says August at one point, offering a toast to what matters in the circus.

It also matters in Hollywood. And there just enough of each of those qualities to make for Elephants, if not the greatest show on earth, at least a pretty good one.

for Elephants (PG13, 120 minutes) contains some obscenity, brief sensuality, violence and scenes of cruelty toward animals nike tiempo legend v 2015.

Nike Mercurial Superfly CR7 FG Soccer Cleats Red Father’ Sihanouk cremated Knoxville News Sentinel

Father’ Sihanouk cremated Knoxville News Sentinel

Cristiano ronaldo nike mercurial cambodian King Norodom Sihamoni, center right, son of the late King Norodom Sihanouk, and his mother, Queen Norodom Monineath, center left, with Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen, covering his mouth, leave the crematorium where the body of the late former Cambodian King Norodom Sihanouk rests in Phnom Penh, Monday, Feb. 4, 2013. Hundreds of thousands of mourners gathered in Cambodia’s capital Monday for the cremation of former King Norodom Sihanouk, the revered “KingFather, who survived wars and the murderous Khmer Rouge regime to hold center stage in the Southeast Asian nation for more than half a century. (AP Photo/Wong MayeE)

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia (AP) Cambodians bade goodbye Monday with tears, chanting and fireworks to former King Norodom Sihanouk, their revered “KingFather” who led them through half a century of political cristiano ronaldo nike mercurial tumult that took them into the abyss of genocidal Khmer Rouge rule and back out again.

Hundreds of thousands of Cambodians thronged the capital for the elaborate royal cremation of the maddening mercurial leader whose charm often overshadowed missteps that to most of his countrymen have faded away in a fog of nostalgia for a simpler time.

Sihanouk’s elaborate funeral rites mingling Hindu, Buddhist and animist traditions were last seen 53 years ago with the death of his father, King Norodom Suramarit. And they may never be seen again in a rapidly modernizing country where the monarchy has lost much of its power and glamor.

After sunset, Sihanouk’s son King Norodom Sihamoni and widow, Queen Mother Norodom Monineath, both weeping, ignited the funeral pyre inside a templelike, 15storyhigh crematorium. Howitzers fired salvos and fireworks lit up the sky when they exited about halfanhour later.

After the cremation, Sihamoni handed out gifts to some 400 prisoners he had earlier pardoned as part of the mourning for his father, who he said was “in heaven, near the Lord Buddha, forever,

“May the much revered king support and protect the entire Kingdom of Cambodia and Cambodians forever, he said.

The cremation took place within a walled compound where 90 Buddhist monks one for each year of Sihanouk’s life as counted by Cambodians chanted around the flowerdecked, gilt coffin. Only the country’s elite and foreign dignitaries were allowed inside the cremation ground, along with courtiers dressed in pantaloons and soldiers in 19th centurystyle uniforms with spiked helmets and swords.Outside, Cambodians young and old gathered to honor and remember the late king.

“I would exchange my life for his if he could live because he was a great leader who brought peace, prosperity for the whole nation, said Pal Hor, an ailing, 64yearold man who had come from the distant province of Battambang. He said he shaved his head out of reverence for the deceased monarch.

The $1.2 million crematorium, built just for this funeral, will be dismantled in keeping with Cambodian tradition.

Sihanouk’s body had been lying in state since he died of a heart attack nike tiempo vi in Beijing on Oct. 15 at the age of 89.

The cremation was the climax of seven days of official mourning for Sihanouk, who was placed on the throne by the French as a teenager. Instead of proving the puppet the colonials had hoped for, Sihanouk went on to win independence, then rule the country both nike tiempo vi as monarch and head of state until ousted in a 1970 coup. Internationally, he was a leading member of the nonaligned movement and heightened his small country’s profile in the world. Five of his children died during the reign of terror.

A consummate survivor, Sihanouk emerged as a leader of an insurgency fighting a Phnom Penh government installed by the Vietnamese and went on to broker a peace accord that enabled his return to the throne in 1993. He abdicated 11 years later in favor of Sihamoni, a 59yearold former ballet dancer who had spent most of his life in European artistic circles and has proven a lowkeyed constitutional cristiano ronaldo nike mercurial monarch overshadowed by strongman Prime Minister Hun Sen.

Sihanouk’s dark side, particularly his cooperation with the Khmer Rouge and his often brutal suppression of dissent, has been publicly ignored as loudspeakers broadcast eulogies and television stations show old clips of Sihanouk’s triumphs and ebullient personality.

A largerthanlife character, Sihanouk directed films, composed music and led his own jazz band and palace soccer team. His appetite extended to fast cars, food and women, marrying at least five times, some say six, and fathering 14 children.

In the coming days, some of Sihanouk’s ashes will be scattered near the confluence of the four rivers in Phnom Penh, while others will be put in an urn which, according to his wishes, will be placed on the grounds of the Royal Palace near those of his favorite daughter, Kunthea Buppha, who died at the age of 3.

The funeral was attended by French Prime Minister cristiano ronaldo nike mercurial JeanMarc Ayrault, Prince Akishino of Japan, leaders of neighboring countries and China’s Jia Qinglin, a senior government adviser and former highranking Politburo member.

Many Cambodians were upset when President Barack Obama was one of the only leaders attending a regional summit here in November not to pay his respects before Sihanouk’s body. The president had a reportedly tense meeting with Hun Sen at the time, with Obama pressing him on Cambodia’s worsening human rights record cristiano ronaldo nike mercurial.

Nike Air Max 90 LTR Womens Shoes – Silver/White WikiLeaks Spokesman Publishes Insider Book

WikiLeaks Spokesman Publishes Insider Book

Cheap mens nike air max 90 berlin WikiLeaks is about to be outleaked. The former spokesman of the secret spilling website, who left the group after a famous falling out with founder Julian Assange, is about to publish what’s billed as a tellall book about its inner workings.

Daniel DomscheitBerg, a cryptic computer scientist, was WikiLeaks’ bestknown face after Assange himself. Perhaps in true WikiLeaks style, his insider account is being published later this week simultaneously in 16 countries.

Publishers around the world have promised that DomscheitBerg’s “Inside WikiLeaks: My Time with Julian Assange at the World’s Most Dangerous Website” will “tell the full story” and reveal neverdisclosed details about the group’s operations.

They said the cheap mens nike air max 90 book will explore WikiLeaks’ evolution, finances and controversies as well as the antagonism between DomscheitBerg and Assange. The former spokesman left the project in September, citing personal, ethical and political differences with Assange.

DomscheitBerg told The Associated Press in a telephone interview Monday that he wants to “show both the good and the bad sides of WikiLeaks, also when it comes to my relationship with Assange and I tried to do this in a balanced way,

WikiLeaks spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson was not immediately available for comment.

The book will be released in Germany, Australia, South Korea, Britain and 12 other European countries on Friday, according to its German publisher Econ Verlag. In the United States, it will be published four days later, on Feb. 15. Other countries including Japan, Brazil, and Russia plan publications soon.

Last month, DomscheitBerg, 32, also launched a rival website called OpenLeaks, saying he planned to give whistleblowers more control over the secrets they spill. He has criticized WikiLeaks for both receiving documents and aggressively vetting how they are presented to the public.

“It’s too much responsibility and too much power, he told reporters last week, when he announced the OpenLeaks launch at the sidelines the World Economic Forum in the Swiss resort of Davos.

While he has publicly called for more transparency at WikiLeaks and campaigned for freedom of information on the Internet, mens nike air max DomscheitBerg has been very private when it comes to his personal life.

Some scant details come from news reports and Econ Verlag.

The man formerly known as Daniel Schmitt studied applied computer sciences in the city of Mannheim in southwestern Germany and was in charge of IT security at German branches of various international companies before he moved to Berlin to focus exclusively on his work for WikiLeaks.

He is married to Anke DomscheitBerg, a manager at Microsoft Germany.

Often wearing black clothes and sporting a dark beard, DomscheitBerg comes across as serious and thoughtful in public appearances. It’s a contrast to Assange, often described as mercurial and hyperkinetic.

After DomscheitBerg quit his job at WikiLeaks, he told German news cheap mens nike air max 90 magazine Der Spiegel that Assange did not allow any kind of criticism regarding his person cheap mens nike air max 90 or the organization’s work.

“Julian Assange reacted to any kind of criticism with the accusation that I was not obedient and not loyal regarding our project, he told Spiegel.

Assange told a London audience back in September that the German had been suspended although he declined to go into details. He denied there had been a dispute over his management. “It was about a different issue, Assange said. He refused to elaborate.

Several reporters from The Guardian, The New York Times and Der Spiegel, who were involved in their news outlets’ publication of leaked WikiLeaks documents, have also written books on their dealings with the group and Assange that will be published soon.

Assange recently said he was making an effort to reach beyond the major newspapers such as The New York Times and The Guardian that worked with him on earlier releases, saying he hopes to enlist as many as 60 media partners cheap mens nike air max 90 mens nike air max.

Asics Gel Noosa Tri 10 Mens Running Shoes Green Blue GOP Rivals Likely to Gang Up on Gingrich

GOP Rivals Likely to Gang Up on Gingrich

Asics gt asics gel noosa tri 10 mens most of the attention this time will asics gt be on former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who has risen to the top of the polls among GOP voters and who is under increasing fire asics gt from his adversaries now that he is the front runner.

Gingrich has done well in the debates so far, but he has largely escaped close scrutiny. Few considered him a serious contender as a series of other candidates, including Gov. Rick Perry of Texas and businessman Herman Cain, flashed and faded. Meanwhile, former Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts maintained a small but steady lead in the polls and was generally regarded as the man to asics gel noosa tri 10 mens beat for the GOP nomination.

But Romney hasn’t been able to move beyond about 25 per cent support among GOP voters, and Gingrich is now presenting a real challenge to him. As a asics gel noosa tri 10 mens result, Romney is abandoning his abovethefray attitude and he and his surrogates have been attacking Gingrich with rising intensity.

The latest Fox News poll gives Gingrich 36 per cent among Republican voters nationwide, up from 23 per cent a month ago. Romney is at 23 per cent, up slightly from 22 per cent a month ago. Rep. Ron Paul of Texas has 12 per cent, up from 8. The other candidates are far behind.

Romney’s supporters are now criticizing Gingrich as erratic, mercurial, and inconsistent on the issues. Former Gov. John Sununu of New Hampshire blasted Gingrich yesterday for criticizing a conservative budget proposal from Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin that has become an article of faith among many on the right.

Romney has begun sounding the alarm that Gingrich is a Washington insider who has spent four decades inside the Beltway while Romney was working as a businessman creating jobs.

[See a collection of political cartoons on Romney.]But Romney could appear harsh and desperate if he attacks Gingrich too strongly in the debate, especially because this approach would undermine his reputation as a decent man with an affable disposition. So the former governor may choose comity during the encounter.

It would seem more natural for other candidates to collide with Gingrich tomorrow night. Ron Paul, a libertarian known for his bluntness and commitment to conservative principles, seems likely to do most of the heavy lifting in attacking Gingrich. Paul, in fact, says he feels obliged to expose Gingrich as a “counterfeit conservative, To that end, the Texas congressman is currently running an ad in Iowa, where the first nominating caucus will be asics gel noosa tri 10 mens held January 3, attacking the former House speaker as a hypocrite.

[See political cartoons on Newt Gingrich.]

Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota has also gained the reputation as a tough critic of her opponents. Iowa is a particularly big test for her since she is counting on voters there to give her a big boost, so she has a lot to gain by damaging Gingrich.

And former Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania is also relying on Iowa votes to give him a badly needed lift, so he will be tempted to attack Gingrich in an effort to emerge as Romney’s main opponent asics gel noosa tri 10 mens.

Nike Kids Mercurial Superfly CR7 FG Soccer Cleats – White/Black/Gold Entertainment Reviews

Entertainment Reviews

Tiempos cleats last year, the Auckland Observatory was the perfect venue for Salon Kingsadore. As youth soccer cleats planets shifted and an astral journey tiempos cleats past the rings of Saturn played out on the Stardome above, the group improvised fluid spacejazz rock propelled tiempos cleats by the mercurial guitar of Gianmarco Liguori and inventive keyboards of Murray McNabb, who here again helm “instant compositions” (with bassist Hayden Sinclair and drummer Steven Tait).

Across two CDs with inscrutable song titles (Accidental Purist, The Tentacled Manservant, Under Buried Masks and Radio Priestess), the fourpiece tickle out gravitydefying musical ideas between ambient spacerock (the 12minute centrepiece on disc two) and trippedout fusion jazz (24minute Bronx Ballet, the funky Idiomatic Transubstance). For ad agencies or anyone wanting soundtrack material, a third disc offers 24 edits of varying lengths from 11 of the 17 tracks.

Best title to get a grip youth soccer cleats on this slippery and enigmatic amalgam is Transelemental Transmission, which gives some clue to the seductive, lightlydelic contents. And this is on a label that specialises in “the psychological and physiological applications of music, For optimum results apply tiempos cleats regularly while horizontal tiempos cleats.

Escape fund Nike MagistaX Proximo Indoor Soccer Shoes – Wolf Grey/Turquoise Blue/Black

Escape fund

Children football boots an escape fund is traditionally a secret bank account an abused wife opens. As the name implies, it is meant to be a secret cache of money the wife will one day use to escape from her husband when the figure grows to nike magistax proximo soccer cleats some predetermined figure. s are traditionally opened by a nike magistax proximo soccer cleats wife who children football boots doesn’t work and is probably not allowed to work by a domineering husband. The accumulation of money in the escape fund is done usually by skimming money from whatever stipend the husband gives the wife to manage the household finances or to buy groceries and cleaning products.

(And while I joke about it a bit here, an acquaintance was just relating to me today about a friend of hers who was taught from childhood by her mom that creating an escape fund was a normal part of a woman’s management of household finances. Scary, no.)

might also be used somewhat sarcastically by people who work abroad or possibly work in country but far away from family and friends. It’s money ear marked in case one needs to do a “midnight run, that is move on very short notice.

As Master Villain pointed out to children football boots me, many times people living with children football boots their parents might accumulate an escape fund. The term might be nike magistax proximo soccer cleats used sarcastically in the cases where parents provide a benign, cushy, hardtoleave home life and you’re just itching to live on your own. Or it might be used in an alltooreal sense where you’re living with insane, controlling, mercurial parents children football boots.

Latest Nike Air Max 90 Floral Print Womens Shoes – White Hesh storm into quarters

Hesh storm into quarters

Air max shoes for women their air max shoes for women impeccable oncourt camaraderie showed no signs of a stormy past as Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi on Wednesday inched closer to their first joint Olympic medal by reaching the quarterfinals of the men’s doubles event here.

The seventh seeded Indians played compact tennis to defeat Marcelo Melo and Andre Sa of Brazil 64, 62 in just over an hour.

In the quarterfinals, they will take on the winners of the second round match that pits fourth seeded Swiss pair of Roger Federer and Stanislas Wawrinka against the mercurial Russian duo of Dmitry Tursunov and Mikhail Youzhny.

Paes and Bhupathi were in perfect sync and they combined well to negate the Brazilians. Breaking Sa early in the third game put them air max 90 on sale ahead and the duo air max shoes for women subsequently did not relax their grip over the proceedings as they sealed the first set without much ado.

At a time when games tend to go with the serve, squandering break points is a luxury that a pair can hardly afford and Paes and Bhupathi put themselves right in the driver’s seat by breaking Melo in the first game of the second set.

Again in the seventh game, a couple of double faults by Sa handed the Indians a golden opportunity to take the match away from the Brazilians and they did just that, courtesy a scorching Bhupathi winner. Bhupathi then served out for the set and match to complete the formality that put them right on course for an Olympic medal.

Latest Nike Air Max 90 Floral Print Womens Shoes – White

Paes was elated with the performance and said the key now was to sustain it.

“It was a good match. We played sharp tennis. We served well and returned well and we just need to repeat it every day, Paes told reporters.

“We had come out firing in the first match and we gained a lot of confidence today. It is tough to beat a team that plays so confidently, he added.

Asked how he air max shoes for women and Bhupathi could manage to put behind their stormy relation and dish out such quality air max 90 on sale stuff, Paes said, “See, both of are professionals and we know what to do. Mahesh has his way, I have mine. You don’t need to hang around together all the time. What is more important is how what we do in the court.

“I’m happy that we played like professionals and there was excellent camaraderie. I think it rather helps that we don’t live into each other’s life. It rather gives us a breather and helps us do well on the court, air max shoes for women.

Womens Asics Gel Noosa Tri 10 Running Shoes Black Yellow Store Giants v Padres

Giants v Padres

Best price asics trainers san DIEGO (AP) The San Diego Padres are having a mercurial season.

Swept by the Giants in San Francisco last weekend, the Padres returned the favor by taking three games from the defending World Series champions at Petco Park.

Chase Headley, Nick Hundley and Alexi Amarista homered off Ryan Vogelsong to noosa tri 10 lead the Padres to a 64 victory Sunday. It was San Diego’s first threegame sweep of the Giants since May 2010.

It was the fifth sweep the Padres have been involved in this season. After losing three games at home to Colorado two weekends ago, the Padres turned around and beat the Dodgers in three straight at Los Angeles.

“Can’t explain it. Wish I could, manager Bud Black said. “Baseball’s a game a lot of times that’s unpredictable. You never know how a month’s going to play out, or let alone a week. It’s good to see we were able to come out today and get Vogelsong and Jason (Marquis) did his thing. Wish I could explain it,

Womens Asics Gel Noosa Tri 10 Running Shoes Black Yellow Store

The Padres remain in last place in the NL West but feel they’re playing better. They hit better best price asics trainers in this series than they did in San Francisco and got some nice defense.

“We’re definitely playing a lot better baseball right now, said right fielder Chris Denorfia, who saved two runs with an impressive diving catch of Andres Torres’ fly ball with runners on second and third and two outs in the eighth. “Our pitching’s been outstanding the last week, maybe more. Our hitting’s coming around. We’ve got Chase and Carlos (Quentin) back in the lineup so we’re starting to be the team we knew we could be coming out of spring training,

Headley had three hits and Amarista scored three runs for the Padres, who’ve won four straight.

“It’s great to see some guys hit some home runs today, Headley said.

The difference between the two series with the Giants was “not all that much, to be honest, Headley said. “We executed the little things, we’re making plays defensively and got a couple of big hits. Our pitching did a nice job for us. Not a huge difference but enough to swing the series,

Pablo Sandoval had an RBI single among his career hightying four hits for the Giants, who lost their seasonhigh fifth straight game. They’ve lost eight of 12 following a 94 start.

“We haven’t been playing so well, manager Bruce Bochy said. “We’ve been making mistakes that have hurt us in this little streak we are in. Guys could use noosa tri 10 a little break, too. It’s a tough series. You’re going to have them, as much as you don’t like them. We’re going to deal with it,

Buster Posey extended his hitting streak to nine games with a tworun homer to pull the Giants to 64 in the eighth. Sandoval was aboard after his third single.

San Diego’s Jason Marquis (22) bounced back from a 71 loss to Milwaukee on Monday night in which he allowed a seasonhigh seven runs, including firstinning homers to Ryan Braun and Yuniesky Betancourt.

Marquis pitched out of trouble after loading the bases in both the second and third innings. He allowed two runs and six hits in 6 23 innings, walked four and struck out three.

Headley and Hundley each hit their second homer of the year while Amarista had his first. The Padres are the only team in the majors that doesn’t have a player with at least three homers.

Headley homered to straightaway center field with two outs in the first.

After Brandon Crawford hit a sacrifice fly to tie it in the second, Hundley hit a tworun shot into the balcony on the second level of the Western Metal Supply Co. brick warehouse in the leftfield corner with two outs in the bottom of the inning to give San Diego a 31 lead. Amarista was aboard on a single.

With rookie Jedd Gyorko aboard on a leadoff double, Amarista hit a tworun homer in the fourth that best price asics trainers landed on top of the new right field fence and bounced over the Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Deck and into the seats. It was the first time the Padres benefited from the new fence, which was moved in 11 feet in an attempt to make the spacious downtown ballyard play fairer.

Opponents have hit four homers that wouldn’t have gone out last year, including Posey’s shot in the eighth that ticked off the glove of leaping right fielder Chris Denorfia. It was Posey’s third.

Amarista walked leading off the sixth. Hundley singled to chase Vogelsong and the runners advanced on Marquis’ sac bunt. Amarista scored on Posey’s passed ball to make it 62.

The Giants loaded the bases with one out in the second before Brandon Crawford hit a sacrifice fly. Marquis struck out Vogelsong to get out of the jam.

San Francisco loaded the bases again with one out in the third before Marquis got Hunter Pence to hit into a double play.

Vogelsong (12) went fiveplus, allowing six runs, five earned, and eight hits, struck out six and walked three.

“It’s a battle from the start for Vogy, Bochy said. “He didn’t have good stuff or best price asics trainers command. It was just a case where he was battling without his good stuff. He made some mistakes. The ball was up quite a bit and they didn’t miss em. This usually is a ballpark that is a little bit forgiving. But the ball was carrying pretty good today. He got the ball up and they took advantage of it,

Huston Street pitched the ninth for his fifth save in five chances.

NOTES: San Diego swept the Giants for the first time since May 1113, 2010, at San Francisco. Their last home sweep of the Giants was April 1921, 2010. The Padres led the NL West for much of that season before staggering down the stretch and being eliminated from playoff contention on the last day by the Giants, who went on to win the World Series, Posey has nine RBIs and six extrabase hits during his hitting streak, The Padres travel to Chicago to open a fourgame series against the Cubs on Monday. LHP Clayton Richard (02, 7.94) is scheduled to start against Jeff Samardzija (14, 3.03), The Giants open a series at Arizona on Monday night, with RHP Matt Cain (02, 6.59) scheduled to start against Ian Kennedy (12, 4.70) best price asics trainers.